Autism & Ally

My name is Laura, I am like five, and my bestie's name is always Emily from our Dawson's Creek fan club. "I don't know, I don't think so," is right and so perfect! Eurasians. October 2nd. US Magazine. Liesel (Matt) and Meg (Mike) were Eurasian. I am "Naughty Joy." (David?) I want her to go with Gavin Young. Austin & Ally on June 22, 2014 with "Ally's New Crush"/"Hunks & Homecoming" was my first episode before Girl Meets World started on 27 June at prime time. I was <9 when Marisa was Hannah for Barney and Alex was Cora for Jack Dawson. What Edmund Wilson said about a fictional "Laura Panabaker" who doesn't exist at all! Gavin.




WRITERS: Contribute Stories, Personal Experiences, or Historical Facts about Blackouts.

is it theirs or ours, submit?


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